A Day At The Apple I-Phone Store….

I have to tell you something that happened yesterday that was SO funny! We were in the Apple store waiting for a 12:00 appointment to get my phone hard set. It had been “jail broken”–hacked. (This guy has been hacking our family’s tech devices for 7 years.) Anyway, I told my daughter Kacy to use her cuteness to flirt with the reps so we could get in earlier. I didn’t want to be late for our business conference at 1 pm. SO…. I challenged Kacy to flip her hair, use her bedroom eyes, raise her eyebrows, play coy, look sexy, and make the gestures that would draw attention to her from any of the male reps. (You have to understand, we are not the typical family–doing zany things is so normal for us.) Anyway, Kacy did her thing and my guts ached from laughing so hard. She was hilarious. The dramatics were over the top funny. Then I said, “I can do THAT!” So, I started flipping my (short) hair, playing coy, raising my eyebrows and looking as sexy as I could at 66. So, then I asked Kacy, “How’d I do?” She was nearly comatose on the floor, but when she could finally catch her breath she said, “Mom, I don’t think you should put the flirting thing on your resume–you looked like you were having a stroke!” We both nearly fell off our chairs ….and of course the giggles set in. It was so much fun being so silly with my girl! (We still had to wait till 12 to get in. No one noticed either of us!  We FAILED!)

Author: Renée La Montagne

VP Marketing, New View Concepts, LLC -- Ignite Quantum Thought Training Heart Health Consultant, Independent Distributor with Synergy Worldwide, Author, Writer of Satire, Real Estate Investor Business Experience: Have owned many motels/hotels, restaurants, lodges, investment properties

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