Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement

As a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me and gave me life and the freedom to choose, I strive to live my life in such a way that My Lord will be pleased with my efforts, hoping that my choices will always honor Him.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the hypostasis of my life. As a representative of my Savior, I will strive to:

  • Live my life as a representative of my Lord and Savior in all I do.
  • Converse with my Lord continually, always keeping a prayer tucked in the crevices of my heart, knowing He is but a whisper away, discussing everything with Him–my every thought, my every joy and sorrow. I begin and end each day with sincere communion with my Father.
  • Love, accept, forgive, and appreciate all my fellow sisters and brothers. I appreciate and respect our differences, and encourage others to live the life they choose for themselves.
  • Continue to learn about life on a daily basis through scripture study, listening to conference talks, reading wise words from our prophets and church leaders. I study good books and strive to improve who I am, what I stand for, how I react and interact with others.
  • Refuse to see myself as a victim. Experience teaches me—whether good or bad.
  • Treasure all my moments in time whether they be filled with joy or sorrow, knowing that God prepared this world and life journey for me, allowing me the privilege to come here to face experiences and challenges that will help me stretch and become all I can be.
  • Walk with integrity and live my life by my word.
  • Serve willingly and whole-heartedly—not seeking recognition or honor.
  • Do all I can to keep a soft and loving heart, showing appreciation in all things, radiating the love my Savior shares with me.
  • Regularly work on my many God-given talents, and share them with others as appropriate.
  • Keep a clean and organized home knowing my God is a God of order.
  • Try to be non-judgmental and not critical of others, knowing that God—only—knows the whole story. I work hard not to gossip, speak unkindly of others.  I don’t know their story. He does!
  • Reach for the best in me and strive to do hard things; I welcome the challenge of doing hard things; I recognize failure as a great teacher.
  • Choose to believe I CAN, knowing the power of success depends on what I believe about me. I can do all things through Christ–ANYTHING.
  • See humor in every day’s journey.
  • Be the best mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, and business associate. (I will be the best wife to a great man someday.)
  • Attend the temple at least once a month, and more often when able.
  • Forgive quickly.
  • Pay a full tithe and fast offering each month.
  • Support a charity I believe in and offer my services regularly—without recognition.
  • Repent daily, remembering the price my Savior paid for me, knowing He accepts my shortcomings and weaknesses—and I am most grateful He loves me in spite of me. I strive to forgive myself.
  • Be patient with myself and others.
  • Save and spend money wisely.
  • Live a life of infinite love and gratitude and count my blessings continually.
  • Love my Lord and Savior and my Heavenly Father with all my heart, might, mind and soul.