Lonely Is….

Lonely is knowing he is out there, that he has a name and face…but “In God’s Time” prevents recognition presently; he remains nameless, faceless; still, her prayers rise for his safety, knowing that Christ’s armor will continue to protect his character and the sacred spirit He shields within.  God be with him.

Lonely is dreaming of the day that horses carry both to a floating stream; toes seep deep into lush green grass; the birds sing songs of love and romance; bellies fill with a picnic lunch, and two in love intertwine beneath the trees, breathing in the lushness of fragrant flowers as humming birds and butterflies flit and fly away; yet, ‘tis only a dream.

Lonely is hearing the breathless gasps of determination, as two slam the racquets against balls of speed, bouncing off the windowless walls; he plays hard; she plays harder but he doesn’t let her win…yet the racquets only echo playing ball together–no sound.

Lonely is the walk on the beach with only one set of footprints imprinting sand; listening to the pounding of waves that roll in, reminding her how life could be…if only his footprints pooled beside hers when the waves washed out.

Lonely is the empty home with walls that offer no melody of laughter and giggles and talks way into dusk–then dawn–as two people explore hearts and memories and sacred moments and a future filled with promise that bind them into one…but the walls stay silent.

Lonely is bacon frying with no one but one to savor the aromas of a breakfast prepared for only one; meals eaten alone, with no feasting on words or whispers together.

Lonely is rolling over, wanting desperately to snuggle close, knowing that real love and intimacy lay within the circle of his arms…but the heat of their passion lays dormant, and still, the bed sleeps one, and the hunger of lust through love simmers without igniting as she reaches out to the other pillow only wishing to feel his face, touch his skin, run her hands down strong loins of passion and power.

Lonely is dreaming of soft, deep kisses and caressing and hearing the breathless passion of a love that goes beyond the bounds of earth life; sounds of grunting and groaning and ecstasy spasm and filter through a veil of forevers and eternities—yet, still, without cords that bind them.

But, alas.  Someday…..God willing.