Three Chubby Bears

Three Chubby Bears: Bored? is a lighthearted, whimsical story about three bored bears sweating in the sun, with (seemingly) nothing to do. Along comes a butterfly, flitting past the nose of one bear; they all chase the butterfly down the hill, trying to catch it in a butterfly net. The butterfly leads them to a lake where they swim and play the day away. Tired but happy, they hike back up the hill and take a snooze. Was their day boring? Ask these bears, who saw the adventure… and chased it!

Actual photos and black bear facts are also included to teach children (and parents) more about these breathtaking creatures. And don’t miss an opportunity to adopt a bear!

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About the Author and Illustrator

Renée La Montagne was born in Antioch, California, and raised in South Lake Tahoe and has had many heartwarming encounters with bears. Her parents owned the La Baer Motel in South Lake Tahoe, where her father, Chub La Montagne, and uncle, Frank Baer (La Baer Motel), displayed trophy Kodiak and polar bears—Renée’s introduction to these magnificent creatures. Renée has owned and operated two wilderness lodges on top of the largest flat-top mesa in the world, the Grand Mesa, near Cedaredge, Colorado. Bear encounters are the norm at Spruce Lodge (now Thunder Mountain Lodge) and Alexander Lake Lodge.

Renée has dabbled in writing satire for years. This is her first children’s book in the series “Three Chubby Bears.” Watch for other exciting books coming from this creative author.

CRAIG FAIRBERT was born and raised in Milton, Wisconsin. Craig received his associate’s degree in commercial art from Madison Area Technical College (MATC). Craig currently works for Artisans, a family-owned screen print company that produces apparel for men, women, and children for stores such as Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Ducks Unlimited, and several resort areas throughout the country. Craig designs wildlife renderings for the clothing, specializing in elk, deer, bear, eagles, and fish. In 2004, Craig started entering his paintings in state conservation stamp contests. To date, he has won the 2005 Wisconsin Great Lakes Trout Stamp, 2007 Wisconsin Inland Trout Stamp, 2008 Wisconsin Great Lakes Trout Stamp, 2008 Wisconsin Pheasant Stamp, and 2009 Wisconsin Turkey Stamp, and the Duck Stamp Award, ironically, in Renée’s home state of Colorado.